Welcome to the world of Orgone energy!

Fluxonite Inc. is a family owned company specializing in handcrafted Orgone generators. Each of our pieces is unique, made with love and utmost attention, a product of a decades long tradition of craftsmanship and research. We source the best materials – crystals from Brazil and the Himalayas, pure and precious metals and the best non-toxic resins. In our work we follow the original principles discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, but also the more modern advances in this technology brought about by the work of countless researchers in the field of Orgone therapy and frequency healing. It is an ongoing quest of perfection, where new things are discovered constantly, and you can rest assured that they are all incorporated in our designs – from nano metals, to special crystal combinations and frequency generators in our most exquisite products. By owning a Fluxonite Orgonite you can rest assured that you have a unique piece of art which is also a fully functional Orgone generator. It will bring harmony and peace to every setting and will always be a source of positive energy and joy.


Registration and Free Divination



All purchases of a Fluxonite device come with the option to request a free Tibetan Mirror Divination performed by a highly qualified lama from the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. If you want to use this option, please fill in the form below, inputting your Fluxonite serial number (a unique 10 symbol code found on the bottom of every original Fluxonite device). You can ask any kind of question, personal or not, and your anonymity will be respected. Please however abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Be specific and clear in your question. Background information is always helpful, although try to be brief and to the point.
  2. Additional questions are OK, as long as they are meant to clarify the main query.
  3. You do not have to provide any personally identifiable information, but make it so that the Lama can understand the nature of the questions as clearly as possible.
  4. Only one query per serial number is accepted. If you have used this option before we will not forward, nor process your query.

Of course we provide no guarantee of any kind in relation to the accuracy and quality of the information you will receive. However we do have faith in the method and persons involved and urge you to be respectful and mindful in this matter. This is not casual, and it is not a marketing gimmick, but our attempt to be genuinely useful in a very special way.

Register your device and redeem your free Tibetan Mirror Divination below:

Registration and Free Divination Request
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